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Adapalene buy uk ulele" is used throughout the course of video.) I'm sure some people found it offensive to have a man singing about what might be seen as sexual harassment. But to the people who do (like myself), the video is hilarious, sad, and just straight-up funny. In November 2012, when the Obama administration was trying to persuade Congress that it would give up U.S. ownership of the Panama Canal, it put Canal in the sights of those trying to take away America's independence from that part of the world. Obama administration said it was determined to continue using the Panama Canal as an American asset, even though the Canal Treaty would no longer give the United States any "exhaustional interests." In 2013, President Obama made that decision even harder by giving away control of a U.S.-controlled portion the Panama Canal to a corporation based in the Bahamas and Netherlands. But Obama administration couldn't leave the Panama Canal in hands of anyone but the United States alone — not with China and other powerful nations trying to claim it as part of their region. So, the U.S. Embassy in Panama began offering the Obama administration's arguments in a series of statements on Panama by Ambassador Gregorio Martinez de Dios and other senior U.S. officials. The first of these was on April 15, 2013 from Ambassador de Dios. Speaking on behalf of the United States Government, Ambassador de Dios said: "[T]he United States welcomes the announcement of a Panama canal expansion agreement that was announced by Panama and Nicaragua on Wednesday. looks forward to continuing its development of the canal with its international partners and is confident that its development will benefit all of Central America." The Embassy added, "The United States continues to be a consistent and important contributor to the well-being of Panama and Central America." Ambassador Martinez de Dios said he hoped that the Panama Canal "is more competitive for other countries to enter into commercial and investment agreements to make Panama more attractive." Then he quoted the Panamanian government as saying that it hopes to continue expanding the Panama Canal "by 2017 to meet the growing demand of international community." This was just the beginning of Obama administration efforts to pressure Panama into abandoning the goal of developing Panama Canal. And it was just the beginning of Obama administration's "promotion democracy and open government" efforts in Latin America. For years, the U.S. ambassador was leading this propaganda, including giving speeches on U.S. democracy there and encouraging supporting the country's free-trade agreement with European Union. Then there was Ambassador de Dios. He making speeches on the subject of "Democracy and Development" saying, "Today, the United States supports Government of Panama's efforts to develop"

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Client: Shell
Campaign: #MakeTheFuture Social Media
Medium: Social Video and Cinema-graphs

Make The Future is Shell’s four day festival of ideas in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Hoxton United was embedded in Shell’s Social Media Centre filming and editing real time Cinemagraphs, Instagram Stories, Facebook and Twitter content for use across Shell’s social media channels.

Hoxton’s Friday highlights video amassed more than 4 million views worldwide in 48 hours.

This was Shell’s best performing social media asset over the event.

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