We’re Hoxton United,

a Digital and Social

Media Agency

in Shoreditch

Brixton Finishing School has been awarded Digital Leaders 100's 'Digital Skills or Inclusion Initiative of the Year 2019' award!


Agile Digital 

We act as your virtual digital team. Our agile approach enables us to select the optimum skills for your needs.

Social Media

We build, manage and engage communities and create contagious content. Stories in video, imagery and words.

Content Marketing 

We create compelling content strategies that enables brand discovery, consideration, conversion and retention.

Building a Legacy

We are a different kind of agency. Our success is judged by great client work and the promotion of diversity in digital.

Hoxton United is your virtual digital team

We unite the digital talent needed to accelerate your business growth and to help you scale and thrive. Our agile approach enables us to deliver the optimum set of skills needed to solve your business challenges. Whether it’s a growth hacking digital strategy or a go to market plan, compelling content, paid search, video production and seeding or social media.

Our Company Values

We do great digital work that does good

Hoxton United's seasoned digital team have a grand ambition - our brilliant work for clients will in turn create opportunity for all to participate in digital marketing and social media careers through the creation of a free Digital Academy. Or as we like to call it “The Brixton Finishing School For Digital Talent".

A Little Of What We Offer

We focus on Brand Discovery Strategies

We create campaigns that build engagement, brand awareness, community and reputation. We can make your brand discoverable through SEO, build a vibrant community and feed it with contagious content and engage influencers to open up new audiences segments and build reputation.


We make it simple for people to find and enjoy your brand

Be Discoverable Through A Paid SEO Strategy

We will ensure those looking for your type of content/product will find you.
Paid SEO analytics will inform us of the potential key audiences as well as being a very cost effective way of delivering consumers.

Build A Vibrant Social Community And Feed It With Contagious Content

A thriving social community will spread the word about your product. We create compelling content strategies. Coupled with the right distribution plan and digital management and measurement, we will ensure you hit your goals.

Engage Influencers To Open Up New Audiences Segments And Build Reputation

We will develop an influencer strategy to promote your product. This will drive awareness, educate audience and build trust. We will engage others in your story so they tell it in their own words (or through video, images and audio).