Brixton Finishing School

(Formerly known as the Hoxton Finishing School)

– We have changed our name to celebrate our brand new home in the Brix.

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What is the Brixton Finishing School?

A 12 week digital ‘accelerator’ that fills the skills gap between education and work for young people from marginalised backgrounds who aren’t going to university. It will deliver ‘work ready’ talent to the media industry.

To celebrate our new home in the School of Communication Arts 2.0 in Brixton, we have  changed our name from Hoxton to Brixton Finishing School.

Why are we building it?

Hoxton United’s ambition is to create opportunity for all to participate in digital marketing and social media careers, through the creation of a free Digital Academy – or as we like to call it “Brixton Finishing School for digital excellence” .

A tsunami of digital money has flooded into the London economy, but it hasn’t washed up evenly on everyone’s doorstep.

This is a city of great diversity, but that diversity is not necessarily reflected in the business community that thrives here.

It’s been proved in a variety of reports (e.g. Race in the Workplace (McGregor-Smith review), AllBright survey) that diversity adds to the bottom line of businesses (and therefore our country’s GDP).

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London’s firms may find it challenging to recruit interns, trainees and work experience candidates from diverse backgrounds. “Junior” and “Starter” roles bring little revenue into recruitment consultants so there is a lack of pre-qualification and successful outreach.

This leads to square pegs being fitted in round holes, retention issues and a constant churn as what talent is found by is picked off by competitors after brief months of service.

We will train talented people from groups who may not otherwise have a robust network or route into work, and connect them with the companies who are in need of that talent.

The work that Brixton Finishing School will do to prepare its cohorts for the next stage in their career, will in turn feed these firms with the diversity of talent they need.

We will provide training in the soft skills that are essential to thrive in the workplace and practical experience.

Think of it as a real world “Finishing School” for the next generation. It’s a bridge between academic and business life.

The bridge will include the opportunity to work on the agency’s briefs and learn in real world situations.

It’s a winning ecosystem – clients get great digital work AND pre-qualified trainees and interns.

What are our long term ambitions?

We want this to scale across the country – every city can have a “United” that brings together it’s media industry for the benefit of new talent and potentially feed their own tech/media scene or opens a new route of talent to London.

We want this learning and development experience to be SO BRILLIANT that it is viewed as the Oxford/Cambridge of digital training. All our youth deserve the best opportunity to reach their potential. Not just the privileged or connected.

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